honestly me right now




it here




marilyn monroe my idol <3



everything is making ne laugh so hard why am i not asleep this always happens when i have to be up earlt


Says the guy wearing the C for the Hawks at age 20 [x]

Anonymous said: That pic where Harry is holding his microphone to the boy. He looks scared for his life while Harry looks like 'he going to say something...hold on.' Niall is next to him like 'huh??' And Louis is creepin in the back.

I KNOW GOD.. like who threw that child onstage 

Anonymous said: Tru i guess it's not a bad thing bc jt reminds me the boys/celebs in general aren't as educated and socially aware as id like to think so I have to refrain from putting them on a pedestal haha

Oh yea I agree! it’s easy to get to thinking that everyone is aware of the same things you are but it’s really not the case 


What the fuck is anime